Brett Kramer is an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) and a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC). He is an award-winning money manager, investment consultant, and portfolio manager. His specialties include retirement investing, IRA re-structuring, and 401K rollovers. Kramer insists, “My job is to help clients build a solid financial foundation.” 

Brett is joined by his son Max in the family business. Brett and Max bring to their clients three generations of experience and investment guidance, offering a full range of services for clients with various financial problems and concerns. They consult with individual clients regarding their personal or business financial situation and devises strategies that enable those clients to progress toward the attainment of their short-term or long-term investment objectives.

Brett worked with his father Alfred, a professional money manager. Brett and Max continue Alfred’s legacy of providing financial services. Alfred was active in the Washington, D.C. area. During the early part of Brett’s career, one of his mentors was Clark Clifford, the famous presidential advisor. Brett is valued for his technical analytical skills, as well as his combination of quantitative and subjective analysis regarding risk management in investments. 

Max prides himself that clients understand their investments, and how they fit into their overall strategy to obtain a solid financial foundation. Max often says, "At the end of the day, there is no perfect investment. We work with our clients to help them understand the pros and cons of these investments and how they can help and individual or family reach their financial goals." 

Brett and Max thrive on personal relationships. They are often regarded as friends of the family as well as the family's financial advisor.

Brett received the highest award the state of Kentucky can bestow for meritorious service, “The Honorable Kentucky Colonel “. An American flag was flown over the United States Senate Office Building honoring Brett for his work helping clients progress toward their financial goals.

Brett is married to Susan Kramer. They have two sons, Jules and Max.